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Mergers & Acquisitions

The principals of LABC have been involved in numerous M&A’s worth hundreds of millions of euros. LABC’s ability to meticulously structure the deal, to carefully negotiate the terms and to skilfully bring the M&A to a successful completion is one of its biggest strengths.



Equity Raising

LABC has years of expertise in equity raising including: Private Equity Investing Stock Exchange Listing Crowd Funding Angel Investing LABC can help clients employ the best strategy for raising capital and though their contacts to help them find the right partners in the financial industry in order to succeed.



Debt Raising

LABC can help clients raising debt when necessary through a variety of instruments including: Bank loans Private Investor loans Bond issues Crowd Funding Bonds



Acquisition Target Search

LABC can assist in searching and locating the ideal acquisition target for achieving the client’s business objectives. This includes credit report, reputation report, SWOT report, legal and financial due diligence


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Partner Search

Where necessary LABC can assist its clients in finding, evaluating and selecting the right strategic partner for their business. This involves carefully screening and assessing possible partners.


Advisory Services